our approach to conscious fashion

When starting hello'ben, we were somehow called frustrated consumers. We love fashion and share a passion for beautiful things, but are also concerned with how we "consume" fashion. We think that genuine conscious fashion should represent a holistic concept.

sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethically responsible

Everybody is aware of the miserable conditions the fashion industry is dealing with; ecologically but also ethically. Whether you would like to call it slow fashion, ethical fashion, or sustainable fashion, we kept an eye on a countermovement to fast fashion and excessive consumerism within the recent years to learn something about an alternative. 

hello, good materials

We care for environmental-friendly materials, resource-conserving fabrics, and their production, such as Lenzig's Tencel, Linen, and Organic Cotton. We also go in for top workmanship and value those heroes who make our clothes.

hello, high working standards

German working standards are very high compared to other countries, there is a statutory minimum wage of 9.50 € per hour, comprehensive health insurance, unemployment benefits and paid family leave, to name a few. So wie figured keeping the production in Germany is the right thing to do.

hello, made in Germany

We love the world and take inspiration from all over the globe. But when it comes to production we keep it local.  As a small company ensuring a fair treatment of workers within the supply chain is hard in the beginning, if you're producing in foreign countries with unknown or non-existing governmental guidelines regarding labor conditions. Furthermore, we decrease CO2 emission due to shorter transportation hauls.

hello, slow and conscious fashion

There is a chance to prioritize quality over quantity, create fashion which is made to last, and value that love for fashion without being tied to ever-changing seasons. We want to provide transparency to the people who purchase our clothes and raise their awareness of conscious fashion. In our mind, conscious fashion stands for deceleration in the fast-pacing fashion industry. 

hello, timelessness

As made-to-last is a thing for us, we do not do seasons. We design and create clothes for warmer and colder days, intending to mix and match them accordingly. So the timeless collections are named with numbers to have them available all year round for many years to come...

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