Edition no. 02

The edition made for warmer days – we used lighter fabrics and created airy designs, that keep you cool during days loaded with sun. The whole edition is made in Germany from sustainable fabrics like GOTS certified Organic Cotton, Bamboo Silk and TENCEL™ Lyocell.


The hello'ben 'Essentials' sind der Schlüssel zu einer zeitlosen Capsule Wardrobe – die Stücke bilden eine Basis ohne eben basic zu sein. Der Gedanke hinter "Capsule Wardrobe" ist einfach; Minimalismus statt eines überfüllten Kleiderschranks und immer noch nichts anzuziehen. Wir sind überzeugt, dass zwei oder drei hochwertige Lieblings-T-Shirts und Tops einen größeren Mehrwert bieten als zehn Teile, die entweder eine schlechtere Qualität haben oder an einen Trend gebunden sind. Aus diesem Grund gibt es hello'ben Essentials, wir wollen Dein neues Lieblingsshirt werden – zeitloses Design mit dem gewissen Etwas und nachhaltige Stoffe, perfekt für saisonübergreifende Outfits.

no. 01

hello, collection 01

Unsere erste Kollektion wurde aus Tencel, Bio-Baumwolle und Wolle gefertigt. Unser Anspruch an collection 01 war es Stücke zu designen, die minimalistisch aber nicht langweilig sind, die bequem sind ohne zu leger zu wirken und deren Stil von der klassischen Schneiderkunst geprägt ist.

Der kommende Winter und die kälteren Tage verlangen nach wärmeren Stoffen, damit Sie sich gut fühlen, wenn es draussen ungemütlich wird. 

Oh Summer!

For those, who still like to enjoy their warm summer days and will be prepared for layering during autumn, we offer a special 20% sale on warm-day, easy-breezy items. 

You'll receive the -20% in your shopping cart!

Summer edit

hello, heat! We're more than lucky summer decided to properly introduce himself. For the matter of tropical summer days and shimmering sunsets, we designed a couple of products, to create those magic outfits, which make you feel like sipping some Campari at one of Capri's beaches in a second.


Our timeless and genderless pieces made for boys and girls and those who love to share a closet with their partner – we absolutely believe in sharing is caring, also from a sustainability point of view.

The pieces range from size XS/S to M/L and XL; so it's your choice whether you pick the oversize version or a more tighter fit.

WHO is hello'ben?

WHO is hello'ben?

Who is hello ben? We'd like to say hi!

We're a small label based in Munich – our primary purpose is to contribute our share to make shopping a little more conscious.


hello'ben is a team of people sharing the love for nice stuff. We also share the idea of doing our part to improve some conditions we all live with. It's not a missionary vision, rather the awareness that the way we live our lives has a bunch of negative consequences. We are far from being perfect, and we all do hedonistic stuff we love. Nevertheless, we believe, if everybody works for a little change, the effect might be huge. In our perception, "ben" is an attitude, a characteristic, and a lifestyle altogether. That's why we called ourselves hello ben, a little reminder to be nice to others and add a bit of consciousness.

Shop till you drop...

We love beautiful things, but the pleasure of shopping was haunted by remorse or compromises regarding style and quality within recent years. So the idea popped up, to create something new, something you can buy with a good conscience, something that is aesthetic without a compromise, something that is produced without greater harm but with great value for all who are part of the process and something our friends would wear. Having that in mind, we pooled our strengths and started to figure out who hello'ben is going to be.

Our team

An idea is uniting us, but as professionals, we share different backgrounds, enabling us to see the whole picture and assess distinct perspectives. Apart from creatives minds in Munich, we have experienced hands in Jahnsdorf and fabric suppliers in the U.K. and Denmark, providing us fabrics, craftsmanship, and sewing skills.
This was our story so far; we hope we can add many more chapters soon and have the hello ben universe growing slowly...

P.S. Follow our journey

One more thing to add, we would like you to tie you in, in our story. We aim for transparency in production and our way of growing into a 100% sustainable, resource-saving, and craftmanship-appreciating company.
As we are still in the fledgling state, our potentialities are still a bit limited. Nevertheless, we are continually working to improve our production process and create more transparency.
The fabrics we use are sought from external companies, working as sustainable as they can. However, one of our future objectives is to produce our own fabrics and have full control over fibers sourcing, dyeing, weaving, and finishing.
We'd like to keep you posted on our journey, so please stay tuned and follow our news section to hear about our baby steps towards 100% fashion consciousness.

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