Within the section "MEET THE MAKERS" we intend to introduce you to our "MAKERS", the skilled hands that bring hello'ben into life. As one of our credos is transparency, we were able to meet everybody in person who is part of the clothes production process: our pattern makers, the cut managaresses, the tailor and the sewers.

Meet the Maker series. A series that take you behind the scenes and enable you to learn more the people who define hello'ben. Meet the Maker no. 01 – a studio visit at our master tailor Sabine in Munich. Our talk with her is based on the slow fashion movement and we speak about sustainability, the real value of slow fashion and craftsmanship. An englisch translation will be available soon.

the master tailor

Sabine creates the prototypes of the collection. In her studio in Munich the pieces are designed, fitted, altered and fitted and altered and fitted and altered until we think the design is ready to make its way out on the streets. 

the manufacturer

Take a look behind the doors of our production. At Schneiderei Winkler in Malgersdorf, Germany, the blazers, pants and shirts are made.

Studio U&N in Chemnitz, Germany is the supplier for the t-shirts, long sleeves and dresses.
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