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01/7 Slim Pants black outfit - hello'ben store


Skirts and mid-waisted, high-waisted as well as casual pants for women. Manufactured from 100% organic cotton grown in Europe, 100% TENCEL ™ Lyocell, or kbT-certified wool. Our pants are ethically made in Germany from the first sample to the final product – we are convinced local production offers the highest quality, transparency and the smallest CO2 foot print. The trousers are made for the office, a party or a Sunday walk in the park.

02/11 Wrap Dress shiny black – hello'ben store


Our credo: to design all-time favourite essentials to build a capsule wardrobe. Hence our dresses are meant to be timeless and ready for every occasion, as we are convinced that quality beats quantity. Therefore, all our pieces are made in Germany to ensure the highest quality in craftsmanship and transparency. In terms of eco-consciousness the fabrics we use are sustainable in terms of fibre and production. hello genuine sustainability, you can have it all!

03/15 Organic Cotton Shirt Outfit inspiration - hello'ben store

Edition no. 03

hello, edition no. 03 – our first unisex line made for all humans. Timeless, high-quality essentials for her, him and them, made in Germany from 100% sustainable materials.

03/17 Sweater Grey front - hello'ben store


The hello'ben 'essentials' are the key to a capsule wardrobe – the base without being basic.

We are convinced that two or three high-quality t-shirts are more sustainable and valuable than 10 with a lower quality.

For that reason, we created the 'essentials': comfortable fits, timeless design, adding that little something made from 100% organic cotton, made to get you through every season.

Wooden butter or cheese knife - hello'ben store

Goods & Home

Our curated selection of hand-made goods for your home. As we work with manufacturers, who share our idea of conscious living only, the list of products will grow slowly.


Blazer and jackets made from 100% Responsible Wool or 100% Organic Cotton, lined with recycled polyester. Responsible wool means the animals' welfare is the highest priority, that's why this wool is sourced mulesing-free. 

Our jackets and blazer are ethically made in Germany, designed, manufactured and packed.

04/19 Shirt - hello'ben store

Suits & co-ordinating items

It's a match – whether you prefer pants or skirts, our blazer jackets make the perfect company. Suit up!

Whether you need a suit for the office or prefer a blazer-and-jeans look inspired by the 90ies, we've got you covered. Sustainable materials sourced from European manufacturers meet an ethical production in Germany, so we're proud to say that our approach to sustainable fashion is holistic in every step of the way.

02/14 Satin Midi Skirt silver skirt and top - hello'ben store

Summer edit

hello, heat! We're more than lucky summer decided to properly introduce himself. For the matter of tropical summer days and shimmering sunsets, we designed a couple of products, to create those magic outfits, which make you feel like sipping some Campari at one of Capri's beaches in a second.

04/19 Shirt - hello'ben store


Women shirts, overshirts, t-shirts, longsleeves, tops and sweaters. Manufactured from 100% organic cotton grown in Europe, TENCEL ™ Lyocell, Linen or Cupro –  all ethically made in Germany. We make high-quality essentials for all occasions; for the office, a night out or a walk in the park.

03/15 Organic Cotton Shirt Outfit inspiration - hello'ben store


Our timeless and genderless pieces made for boys and girls and those who love to share a closet with their partner – we absolutely believe in sharing is caring, also from a sustainability point of view.

The pieces range from size XS/S to M/L and XL; so it's your choice whether you pick the oversize version or a more tighter fit.

03/16 Mid-Waist Pants Tencel dark grey - hello'ben store

Unisex Bottoms

Unisex pants manufactured from 100% organic cotton grown in Europe or 100% TENCEL ™ Lyocell, Linen. Our pants are ethically made in Germany from the first sample to the final product – we are convinced local production offers the highest quality, transparency and the smallest CO2 foot print. hello'ben creates high-quality essentials for the all occasions; for the office, a night out or a walk in the park.

03/17 Sweater Grey front - hello'ben store

Unisex Tops

Shirts, t-shirts and sweaters for every human. All manufactured from 100% organic cotton grown in Europe and entirely made in Germany. High-quality basics for him, her and them to build a timeless wardrobe.

Let's call it an antithesis to fast-fashion

WHO is hello'ben?

WHO is hello'ben?

Who is hello ben? We'd like to say hi!

We're a small label based in Munich – our primary purpose is to contribute our share to make shopping a little more conscious.


hello'ben is a team of people sharing the love for nice stuff. We also share the idea of doing our part to improve some conditions we all live with. It's not a missionary vision, rather the awareness that the way we live our lives has a bunch of negative consequences. We are far from being perfect, and we all do hedonistic stuff we love. Nevertheless, we believe, if everybody works for a little change, the effect might be huge. In our perception, "ben" is an attitude, a characteristic, and a lifestyle altogether. That's why we called ourselves hello ben, a little reminder to be nice to others and add a bit of consciousness.

Shop till you drop...

We love beautiful things, but the pleasure of shopping was haunted by remorse or compromises regarding style and quality within recent years. So the idea popped up, to create something new, something you can buy with a good conscience, something that is aesthetic without a compromise, something that is produced without greater harm but with great value for all who are part of the process and something our friends would wear. Having that in mind, we pooled our strengths and started to figure out who hello'ben is going to be.

Our team

An idea is uniting us, but as professionals, we share different backgrounds, enabling us to see the whole picture and assess distinct perspectives. Apart from creatives minds in Munich, we have experienced hands in Jahnsdorf and fabric suppliers in the U.K. and Denmark, providing us fabrics, craftsmanship, and sewing skills.
This was our story so far; we hope we can add many more chapters soon and have the hello ben universe growing slowly...

P.S. Follow our journey

One more thing to add, we would like you to tie you in, in our story. We aim for transparency in production and our way of growing into a 100% sustainable, resource-saving, and craftmanship-appreciating company.
As we are still in the fledgling state, our potentialities are still a bit limited. Nevertheless, we are continually working to improve our production process and create more transparency.
The fabrics we use are sought from external companies, working as sustainable as they can. However, one of our future objectives is to produce our own fabrics and have full control over fibers sourcing, dyeing, weaving, and finishing.
We'd like to keep you posted on our journey, so please stay tuned and follow our news section to hear about our baby steps towards 100% fashion consciousness.

Say hi – don't hide.
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